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Round-Up: 10 Things a Rookie Leader Should Do and Expect

Exactly a year ago today, I was given a challenge and was handed over the title "Team Leader." As I mentioned in one of my blog entries, you have to have acquired at least three to five years of experience in the BPO industry before you get to be in my post. In my case,… Continue reading Round-Up: 10 Things a Rookie Leader Should Do and Expect

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Nanay ni Inday (Inday’s Mother)

I've switched back to Android nearly a year ago so I have not been checking my iCloud account that much since then. Today, I had to do so because I needed to update some information and I came across this poem saved up in my Notes. I remember writing this after hearing a story about… Continue reading Nanay ni Inday (Inday’s Mother)

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Raine Recommends: Jason Mraz – Know.

There he goes, making us all swoon with his soothing voice and his way with words again. Mr. A to Z has just recently came out with his latest record yesterday, the 10th of August - a date very dear to my heart - and I thought, what better way to spend it than to… Continue reading Raine Recommends: Jason Mraz – Know.

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Motivation Monday: Tidy Up!

Today, I have the whole day off! Since my schedule changes every three weeks, I don't need to get ready for work until 2:00 AM tomorrow (I know, right!), and to a lot of people, that seems mind-blowing but, I LOOOVE that schedule. I'll take that any day instead of scrambling to get ready every… Continue reading Motivation Monday: Tidy Up!

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29 Questions for My 29th Birthday

I just turned 29! Yaaaaay! *throws confetti* No, my birthday is not yesterday, nor the day before that, but I did actually turn 29 this month, and I have been celebrating it everyday, throughout the month with my family and friends. A month-long celebration indeed! - Okay, that bit was sarcastic. I haven't been celebrating… Continue reading 29 Questions for My 29th Birthday

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My 5 Favorite Instagram Photos and Why

If you're reading this and you personally know me, you must be thinking, "Oh here goes a list of her favorite fangirling / food photos..." especially after reading the title. Well, nope! You won't see my David Cook photos here (but you can find one here, ha!); you won't see any of the photos I… Continue reading My 5 Favorite Instagram Photos and Why